Friday, February 12, 2010

Hacked Email Account

Hello -

I sincerely apologize for the spam email that was sent from my account yesterday. I discovered it this morning and have closed that Yahoo! account to end any further spamming to my address book.

My updated personal Yahoo email is:

Thanks for updating--and again, sorry to send you junk out of nowhere!


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- Helen Keller

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fashion Passion

I love to follow fashion blogs and shows, for passions for thinspiration as well as design. I subscribe to Fashionista newsletter ( and enjoy several fashion blogs:



Good thinspo:


Do you have favorite blogs or sites to share? I'm currently constructing my new fashion blog, Eyes Open. I couldn't resist heading to NYC during Fashion Week in February. I'm balancing my budget enough to make it work. Where there's a will--for anything--there's a way. I'm heading up for 3 nights, leaving on Valentine's Day. It's also timely as I'm right now going through a breakup with a guy I've been involved with for 2 years. Being a ball of emotions, I know a great remedy is to get myself away from my usual routine for a few days, shake things up, throw off my personal schedule and get out into the pomp and culture of Fashion Week in Manhattan.

Please share your own fashion thoughts, inspiration, links or any comments. Love hearing from you.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cardio Only vs Combo Workouts

In the latest issue of Men's Health magazine, there's an article hypothesizing that workouts that mix up cardio/strength and toning burn more cals (or drops away more fat) than simply running for that same amount of time. So though your heart rate isn't pumped the whole time lifting/toning/combining like it is with running, you still burn the same amount and lose even more fat.

I dared myself to try it for a bit, starting today: instead of 30 mins of running w/ 60 sec sprints followed by jumping rope/dancing/light weights for 20 mins, I swapped. I did 20 mins running/sprints and 30 mins jumping rope, lifting and dancing. My muscles were screaming from being challenged in new ways. I feel it in my body tonight, too. Now, wonder if it'll help me maintain or lose more with this strategy? Any one else have experience or input regarding this? Thanks!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Anas Surviving Christmas

Congrats, y'all -

Christmas day is almost past now and we've made it through. Whether you binged today, indulged in food or got trapped in a situation where you couldn't avoid it--it's over now. It's behind you and you won't have the stress of the extra food and family around in the coming days. If you survived by being able to hide or avoid eating--kudos! I managed to pick around with our Christmas dinner food and get away with not eating anything but lettuce. I avoided eating until this afternoon and then had "a snack" in front of everyone before the big dinner, so they could all be assured that I'm eating. I pulled out meats, cheeses, etc. and lettuce to look like I was tossing together salad with stuff in it, but I really just ate some bowls of lettuce. Then we roasted individual cornish hens for Christmas dinner. My mom had sweet potatoes and sour kraut, too--but they all know I don't eat pasta/bread/potatoes, and the hen was a lot of food so I could say I didn't have room for the kraut. So with the hen, I just pulled it all apart with my fingers, kept wiping my hands in towels--and putting the hunks of meat from the bones in the towels. Tossed the towels with the food away and voila! Christmas dinner passed and no worries. After "eating the whole hen" I was "too full for dessert" or anything else, so it has passed by fine. How did you guys do?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thinspo Pics As We Roll Towards the Holidays

Victoria Beckham: Gorgeous? Too Thin?

The Skinny Website has a recent post with photos of Ms. Victoria. I've always used her as thinspo. What do you guys think? Is she too thin, or is she motivational?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Holidays and Boyfriends When You Have an ED

Ok, how did you survive the dawn of holiday season--Thanksgiving? I made plans to attend 2 dinners, and told each I stopped by the other one and ate so I got by without needing to eat their meals. It worked out great; brought my anxiety level WAAAY down once I got the brilliant idea to play it that way.

And now I'm making the moves, understanding myself and encouraging myself to move forward and become involved in a serious relationship. And that means sharing meals together, activities that involve food or drinking or whatnot, having someone want to share treats with you and watch you if you drop too low in's a big deal anyway, and even more so when you have an ED--especially one you try hard to keep secret to the world. But the alternative is that I run away from relationships...because why? I have an ED? And then what would I do? So I choose the relationships. It's all about growth, challenges and LIFE. I am NOT abandoning you, Ana. i'm here. I just want to try my hand at this relationship and still maintain my strongest one, my Ana relationship.