Saturday, October 31, 2009

With Halloween & Candy Around, Here's Before & After Thinspo

Those in America may be surrounded with Halloween candy this's to sticking to your guns.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sampling of My Favorite Ana Tips & Tricks

- Water: Love it. Drink it cold, chills you down, which burns cals. Drink it warm, it fills you up and comforts a hungry stomach. Water down your food, makes it mushy and unappealing. Drink lots of it; keeps you hydrated and keeps you full. Flavor it with Crystal Light or other sugar-free drink mixes.

- Try on clothes smaller than your size. It can be frustrating but keeps you motivated.

- Eat a meal with family or friends every couple days to keep them from being suspicious or insistent on eating. Offer to make the meal to share with your family, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, whatever. Make something that's easy to either hide and dispose of, or push around to look like you've eaten it: baked potato in aluminum foil (can unwrap, cut up, mush around then use foil to place on top to hide it so it looks like you ate from it), shrimp, crab legs, mussels, oysters--anything with a shell to peel (you can peel it then use the shell to pile up on top and leave the food hidden underneath so you don't have to eat it)...and then serve it with a salad that you actually eat from.

- Use chopsticks to eat. It's stylish and also slows you down, forces you to consider each bite.

- Use seasonings to spice up and flavor very low-cal foods like lettuce, mushrooms, broccoli. Chicken bouillion powder, onion powder, garlic, grilled chicken seasonings, lemon pepper, dried tomato & basil, etc.

-"..DESTROY your image of food. if im alone (this sounds gross) i get some food say some cake,bread, chocolates. instead of eating them get them out and just squish them up in your hands. feel how gross they feel seeping between your fingers. just find a bin and wash your hands after.

-Pamper yourself--you're beautiful! You're motivated! Keeping good hair, good nails, shaven legs, exfoliated skin, moisturized skin...keeps you feeling proud and good about yourself.

- Vitamins are very important. Take them daily.

- Sugar free jello is a great food to fill ya up and offer flavor. Sugar free candies (LifeSavers, Go Lightly, Baskin Robbins, etc.) are also tasty. Sugar free gum keeps your mouth full of flavor and occupied. Breathmints can also keep your mouth with flavor and stave off hunger.

- Flip through fantastic fashion magazines daily (or visit websites): Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, etc. Pull out ads that have fashions or makeup that you like. Keep them in a folder or somewhere you see daily. Keep your focus positive; use the images as inspiration. You're on your way to embracing the same look for yourself! You can do it! You can do anything you truly set your mind to.

- If you are trying to look like you are eating always 'fiddle' with the food. For instance, "eat" chicken when with others. Peel off the chicken skin (and meat, too, but discretely), use your fingers to pull and pick at it, then use a towel to wipe your greasy hands...subtly putting the meat in the towel and throw away. Then you're left with chicken bones and happy company that thinks you ate! You can munch on a salad, too, to finish off the "meal" without really having to eat anything more than lettuce and veggies!

- Brush your teeth often. Keep your mouth fresh, especially if you're purging.

- Drink a load of water before and during a binge if you're going to purge. Makes it come up easier.

- Keep busy! Working, going out, shopping, chatting or surfing the web, cleaning, volunteering, spending time out with friends, pursuing a career...all keeps you focused on other things and upbeat.

- Read other ana blogs and visit websites. We're a strong, fantastic community that can be very supportive and inspiring!

Thanks to for inspiration and sharing ideas!

Friday, October 23, 2009


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Thin is so nice

Finally achieving what feels like my GW. Whew.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Techniques for Suppressing Appetite

Gotta get through the day without cals but still need to stay sane without feeling like your stomach is turning in and eating itself? These techniques work for me:

- drink coffee when you start to feel like you can't concentrate, or you're getting really hungry
- drink diet soda; there's tons of flavors in so many brands; one of my faves is a diet chocolate cherry soda...yum
- drink, drink, drink! I take a gallon of water, add a spoonful of fat free yogurt (peach, vanilla, strawberry banana, mango, lemon...lots of choices) and about 1/4 c to 1/3 c low-fat or fat free milk. Add tons of sugar free sweeteners and a bit of salt. Shake. You drink all that, your stomach is super full...and you've only consumed a small amount. Keeps me going.
- chew sugar-free gum, lots of it; again, many flavors to choose from
- suck on sugar free candies after the gum stops working to keep you from that intense hunger; they're tasty and can quell the hunger pangs
- with no one around, put food in your mouth and spit it back out
- smell food: open a bag of chips or cookies, stick your nose in, imagine eating them and take in the aroma...sometimes helps, sometimes makes it worse
- suck on ice cubes made from sugar-free juice

Monday, October 12, 2009

God Bless Lettuce.

Lettuce can be surprisingly tasty and filling! I've been consuming only some milk and FF yogurt each day and then a head or two of iceburg lettuce. By adding seasonings like Garlic & Basil or Mrs. Dash's seasonings or Grillmates and/or others, then by spraying a few squirts of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" on top---it can be delicious!

I eat with chopsticks always--slows me down and makes me concentrate on each bite.

Morning: little milk, a spoonful of yogurt
Afternoon: 1-2 heads of iceburg lettuce
Mid-Afternoon: sugar free gum and breathmints and diet soda
Evening: chew/spit whatever

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Toxic Thinspo

Taking Vitamins & Supplements: Which are faves for those with EDs?

What vitamins and/or supplements do you guys take, if you do?

I take:
- cayenne pepper (for metabolism and circulation)
- calcium, magnesium, zinc
- tumeric (immune defense)
- omega 3 fish oil (protein, circulation)
- folic acid (metabolism, immune defense)