Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Techniques for Suppressing Appetite

Gotta get through the day without cals but still need to stay sane without feeling like your stomach is turning in and eating itself? These techniques work for me:

- drink coffee when you start to feel like you can't concentrate, or you're getting really hungry
- drink diet soda; there's tons of flavors in so many brands; one of my faves is a diet chocolate cherry soda...yum
- drink, drink, drink! I take a gallon of water, add a spoonful of fat free yogurt (peach, vanilla, strawberry banana, mango, lemon...lots of choices) and about 1/4 c to 1/3 c low-fat or fat free milk. Add tons of sugar free sweeteners and a bit of salt. Shake. You drink all that, your stomach is super full...and you've only consumed a small amount. Keeps me going.
- chew sugar-free gum, lots of it; again, many flavors to choose from
- suck on sugar free candies after the gum stops working to keep you from that intense hunger; they're tasty and can quell the hunger pangs
- with no one around, put food in your mouth and spit it back out
- smell food: open a bag of chips or cookies, stick your nose in, imagine eating them and take in the aroma...sometimes helps, sometimes makes it worse
- suck on ice cubes made from sugar-free juice


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  2. ACK! I'm losing my mind over here! (and it's not on an empty belly unfortunately)

    I'm loving these tips!!

    Do you ever drink plain hot tea? I know for me it helps.

    Thanks for the tips!

  3. yes yes yes diet drinks i could sing their praises forever
    ill take a diet coke or diet irn bru
    i really dont see why there is even a market for full sugar drinks i say its madness lol
    good tips xx