Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking Vitamins & Supplements: Which are faves for those with EDs?

What vitamins and/or supplements do you guys take, if you do?

I take:
- cayenne pepper (for metabolism and circulation)
- calcium, magnesium, zinc
- tumeric (immune defense)
- omega 3 fish oil (protein, circulation)
- folic acid (metabolism, immune defense)


  1. *calcium

    I would like to start taking some fish oil for sure and possibly some vitamin. I've just started noticing the energy increase from my iron and b-12, they're working wonders!

  2. er I meant fish oil and vitamin c, my bad.

  3. always an a-z vitamins + minerals one
    and then any random concoction that i feel like from the many random bottles hidden in my sock drawer lol

    at the moment im mostly taking vitamin e and some skin/hair/nails tablets

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