Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sticking It Out: Tips for Suppressing Appetite

1. Chew gum. There are so many varieties and brands of sugar-free gum. Chew stick after stick to keep good flavor in your mouth and keep distracted.

2. Drink. Diet soda, Crystal Light, coffee, espresso, teas, diet juices. Fill yourself up by drinking a LOT.

3. Suck on hard sugar-free candies. Like #1.

4. Eat negative calorie foods! They keep your metabolism rolling, fake your brain out by the chewing/swallowing of food...and don't add any worry. Lettuce, celery, green/red/orange/yellow peppers, green beans (frozen or steamed or raw), cauliflower.

5. When you eat negative calorie foods, eat on a small plate using chopsticks. This will slow you down and make you feel like you're having more if you have 2-3 servings from the tiny plate or bowl.

6. Drink more coffee.

7. Chew more gum.

8. Go try on clothes that are too tight for you.

9. Pop in a movie with a slim character whose body you admire or pick up a fashion magazine and cut out photos of inspiration.

10. Go hang out with a friend who's thinner or whose body you aspire to.

11. Paint your nails, dye your hair, try on a new make-up scheme, exfoliate. Take care of your beauty, nurture it.

12. Open a can of FF broth (chicken, beef or veg), heat it and eat. Can be very satisfying.

13. Go clothes shopping, browse and try on.


  1. Also, I've found certain songs put me in a "mood" that make me feel more strengthened/empowered to resist food, often for a long time afterward. Sometimes they are sad songs, sometimes angry, sometimes happy. I'm sure they vary for everyone, so I won't put my own down. Some of my own are actually linked to specific memories of times where I was deeply hurt or even when I was hiding my disorder, or when my disorder even got discovered. You see? So songs can be triggering to suppress your appetite.

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