Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TIME Magazine's Latest Issue

I just received TIME magazine's latest issue. The cover feature article is about exercise and how it doesn't necessarily help much in losing's the eating and consumption (or lack thereof) of calories that makes the most difference. Exercise tends to make one's self-resolve for resisting more calories/food dissolve. After working out hard, you feel like it's okay to have that extra iced mocha or whatnot. And really, exercise doesn't burn off THAT many extra calories. Plus, if we exercise, we tend to be less active throughout the rest of the day.

I find that changing up my workout routine, my running, by increasing the intensity rather than the duration has seriously helped me to lose more weight. Rather than running longer at my usual pace, I've kicked it up to sprint and run harder but at a set amount of time. It's working well. So in that sense, it helps with losing being ana, we have the resolve to resist food so that's not as much of an issue for us. I dunno, I still give exercise credit.

What do you guys think?


  1. exercise is freakin' ESSENTIAL or we're just skinny-fat! eeeeerrrgh, YUCK.

    i train three times a week with weights, i have a trainer and everything, and i do cardio four times a week.

    without it, i'd be even fatter. no doubt.

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