Friday, August 28, 2009

Traveling to Italy

Monday morning I leave for Italy for 2 weeks. Traveling solo, meeting a friend at the end of the trip to be in her wedding before flying back home. Very excited!! Very excited to travel alone--both because it's intimidating, and also because I won't have to worry about people being around and needing to fake eating. I can do what I want. Chew/spit what I want in privacy of my hotel or apartment and then go about the day. I'm always nervous before traveling not knowing just how my workouts will work out. I've found public gyms in Rome and Florence, hopefully not too far from where I'm staying. I need to know I'll have that security so I can stay thin and keep off the weight I've lost. I'm very nervous about that. Ultimately do you stay thin and get thinner by not eating, or is it from working out too? When I got to my lowest at 89lbs with full-blown ana, I wasn't working out. I didn't have the strength. I just wasn't eating and getting through the days, one day at a time. And I got my weight very low. When I work out, I feel like I have to consume a wee bit of cals in order to have the energy to power through my work outs. But are they really what makes me get thinner, or is it the lack of food? I can analyze this shit for days. I seem to be on a plateau right now. I want to get off 3 more lbs in 2 weeks. Not impossible. But is the main issue to simply stay on as low of cals as possible, or is it also keeping up daily hard workouts? Do you think you lose weight from not eating a lot, or from working out really hard?

Look forward to checking in as I travel and keeping you comforting to have a support group via the internet even if I don't know y'all in person.


  1. i believe creating a calorie deficit is the important thing.

    if you workout, you look better. muscles are hard and there is a much better result than just sitting around wasting away.

    on the downside, working out makes me hungry, but i love to be strong. so i choose to control the urge to eat and workout anyway. i feel so good when i'm really hungry and i resist.



  2. I vote for not eating a lot. I agree with Kitty tho.

    That's so awesome that you are traveling solo. I dream of doing just that but I'm a chicken shit. So admire you all the more for it!


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