Saturday, September 26, 2009

All things considered, not bad.

Last night's date, in which I was worried about my swollen legs/ankles/feet being noticed, came off fine after all. I wore loose-legged flare pants with a fitted waist and looked fine. We even ended up getting busy in the shower and he didn't notice...then again, men can get nicely distracted when you're having sex so I shouldn't have been so worried. :) Dinner came off fine: he made salmon and mushrooms sauteed in BUTTER and I lightly grilled fresh (no oil or butter) asparagus to go with it. I was able to cut large chunks of the the salmon/butter steak and drop into my napkin to give the impression of eating almost the entire thing. He was thrilled and excited to see me eat with "such an appetite!"Now when people say to him that I'm looking thin, he can vouch that he's eaten with me and I'm fine. Tossed the wine in my dark-colored glass for Pierre water and the evening came off very well.


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