Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally getting there

Trying to upload pics via my Blackberry as I'm traveling. Ladies, gents, whomever: let me assure you--when you set your mind on your goal, TRULY, you WILL reach it.

I was petrified to travel overseas for two weeks because I was afraid of missing workouts and not being able to continue my weight loss. But my mind was set when I took flight, prepared with a little "self-motivation" thinspo folder of images and affirmations to read if I needed. I also picked up fashion magazines from abroad to study the images and become them.

I was worried of the changes in my workout routine. But I have proven to myself that it's really the limiting of calories and just staying active daily (I.e. Walking, going up steps, hauling around luggage or heavy shoulderbag) that has made the weight continue to drop off! I'm still jogging each morning, but not doing my 75-85 min cardio workout that I do in the gym since that's hard to do while traipsing across Italy! I'm jogging about 45-50 mins in the mornings in the cities and towns I'm in. And the runs have been phenomonal! Gorgeous, inspiring. Plus I can figure out where all I want to wander for the day.

If you're not pro-ana, please don't bother to chastise. But for those that are: I keep going all day long with Coke Light (diet coke), sugar free gum and mints, and mixing a teeeeeny amount of milk or pure fruit juice with a bottle of water, sweetener and a teeeny dash of salt. Makes a sweet, tasty drink that fills the belly, gives a dabble of calories to keep me going and curbs cravings. Then I go chew/spit delicious local foods (obviously alone in my hotel room!!!) to satisfy cravings when I'm truly getting spent. Drinking lots of water with that to make sure I can spit it all out, it's working great! One of the true advantages of traveling alone!!! God, the food in Italy...you can imagine. And being able to C/S, I can "experience" it, enjoy and savor the flavor, then get rid of it. Perfect.

I've continued to lose (I can tell because my clothes are looser and I see a xylophone now, wooohoo) and it works. More inspiration for you guys: you CAN achieve your goals, just stay focused and be proud of yourself.

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  1. You're doing great! Making your way around overseas and still maintaining control, awesome!!

  2. You are serious inspiration :)

  3. yay xylophone! nice work, you look great! :)

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