Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pressure's On

These are the times I'm grateful for an espressive outlet to share anxiety with those who truly understand. I've traveled 2 weeks solo in Italy and have been absolutely thrilled to find I can do it, keep thin, feel good and stay on top of my game. It's one thing to travel and do it solo; EDs are easy to maintain when you're on your own! But today I meet up with my Italian girlfriend to stay with her for the weekend, with her wedding on Saturday. I'll be staying with her and other wedding guests for the weekend, participating in the preparations and all the traditional wedding festivities. On one hand, how cool to experience an Italian wedding! On the other hand, yikes. I've gotten so deliciously comfortable being on my own that joining people again and getting myself through the 6-8 course Italian meals, wines, discos, etc will be...interesting. As an ana, I'm not worried about temptation. Shit, I can go for days on sugar-free gum, breathmints, diet coke (er, "Coke Light" here in Europe) and a bit of milk or yogurt. It's the avoidance of food in social situations that can be a dance. However, I find it's better when you're in groups or crowds-people don't notice as you toss your food into a napkin or hide under potato skins or whatever.

So off I go! It's only 2 1/2 days...this eve through Sun morning. I can do that. I appreciate your interest and compassion as always!! Thanks so very much for reading.

Ciao for now...more to come. If I can do it, you can too, right? Helps to hear how others manage because you gain confidence in yourself.

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  1. Oh you can definitely do it! I hate crowds, but its true that they don't notice as easily! Have fun!

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